Attorney Spotlight

Attorney Spotlight – Jim Dressman

Our attorney spotlight on Jim Dressman talks with us a bit about his legal career and some interesting specifics about his personal life.

Attorney Spotlight – Patrick Hughes

We recently spoke with partner, Patrick Hughes, to get some advice for new attorneys and learn a little more about his journey in law and life

Attorney Spotlight – Mark Guilfoyle

We got the chance to sit down and talk with partner, Mark Guilfoyle, to hear a little more about him and his career as an attorney.

Attorney Spotlight: Tony Bickel

Tony Bickel, Partner Practice Areas:  Real Estate, Banking & Commercial, Business Organizations & Taxation, and Corporate Law What Led You to Become a Transactional/Corporate Lawyer? I gravitated towards transactional work...

Attorney Spotlight: Betsy Weber

Betsy Weber, Partner Practice Areas:  Business, Banking, and Commercial Law What led you to become a lawyer? I am a 5th generation lawyer. Honestly, when I was younger, career choices...