Days of Remembrance: A Time To Pause And Reflect


Today marks the annual Days of Remembrance in which the United States remembers the victims of the Holocaust, honors the survivors, and pays tribute to the liberators of those held at concentration camps across Europe.

The Holocaust was a systemic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million people including European Jews, groups considered to be racially inferior, political opponents, and other individuals considered to be “asocial” by the German-Nazi Regime. To mark the Days of Remembrance, DBL Law’s Diversity Committee encourages us all to take a moment and review an online exhibition, Americans and the Holocaust, found here.

he Exhibit offers an in depth look at the United States response to the Holocaust. Beyond the exhibit, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers a plethora of additional resources not only on the Holocaust but also on the ongoing duty of our society to ensure that a genocide like the Holocaust never repeats itself.

In 2018, Kentucky passed legislation requiring every public middle and high school to provide curriculum focused on the Holocaust and other acts of genocide. Holocaust survivor and Kentucky resident, Fred Gross, commented in support of the legislation: “The world is in turmoil today and we have to apply the lessons of the Holocaust to what is going on today and hopefully it will be the children who will save us.” Article here.