Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits Ends

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) has ended extended unemployment insurance payments in Kentucky. This will affect more than 4,700 individuals.

This benefit was one of the packages passed earlier this year to address the high unemployment rates caused by closures due to the pandemic. The extended insurance payments were funded by the federal government for an additional 13 weeks of benefits for individuals who exhausted the 26 weeks pursuant to state law.

To continue receiving extended benefits, the state needed to have a threshold percentage of the workforce greater than 5% receiving the benefits and the state’s number fell to 4.67% thereby ending eligibility for the benefits.

Any individual currently receiving benefits will immediately stop receiving such benefits effective November 28. Claimants who continue to be off work due to COVID-19, however, may be eligible for PUA benefits through the end of the year.

This news come directly on the heels of the state shuttering bars and restaurants from indoor dining and partially closing other facilities, which will impact numerous jobs across the state.

This decision does not impact individuals for filing for traditional benefits. For additional information, see kcc.ky.gov. Please note that Kentucky unemployment offices are closed for in-person appointments through December 30, 2020 due to the rise in cases. All applications are being taken on-line.