A Message To Our Clients And Our Community

Dear Valued Clients and Friends:

Our hearts and prayers go out to those communities, businesses and individuals that have been impacted in any way by COVID-19 (coronavirus).  To say that we are in uncharted waters is a tremendous understatement.  Nonetheless, DBL Law wants to assure our clients of the continuity of our business operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  I also want to make you aware of the precautions that DBL Law is taking to protect the health and safety of our employees, their families, our clients and our communities while maintaining DBL Law’s Practice of Excellence for all of our clients.

DBL remains committed to ensuring that the COVID-19 outbreak will not alter the timeliness or quality of the legal services and business partnership that we continue to provide for you.

DBL Law has a significant investment in its cutting edge technology that allows our employees to effectively provide client service remotely if we are unable to report to DBL offices or to your business.

We have created remote working guidelines for each of our practice groups to help ensure that we continue to meet your expectations.

If you have any restrictions concerning meetings at your offices or any special guidelines that you would like DBL employees to follow, please let us know.  During this challenging time, you can expect that DBL will meet your needs based upon the approach and communication style that you prefer.

The health and safety of our employees, their families, our clients and our community is vitally important to DBL Law.  We have implemented a detailed Preparedness and Response Plan to Coronavirus and distributed it to all of our employees.  We have informed all employees that if they develop a fever with respiratory difficulty or shortness of breath, they are not to report to our offices or to any client site.

All of our employees have been encouraged to work remotely beginning this week and yet be adaptable to the needs of our clients.  Flexibility and remote work options are available to all DBL employees including those who are more susceptible to the coronavirus as well as those who are affected by school and child care center closures.

DBL Law is confident that working remotely from home and utilizing conference calls and online collaboration in lieu of in person meetings will result in a continuation of the excellent legal services and business partnership which you have come to expect of our firm.

We continue to review updated communications from the CDC and World Health Organization and will adjust our Preparedness and Response Plan accordingly.

DBL Law values our relationship with our clients and business partners and we are certain that working together we will overcome the COVID-19 challenge and be better for it.  Our prayers remain with you, your employees and your families.

Very truly yours,

Bob Hoffer
Managing Partner